ph Ludo Des Cognets
Practical Vocation

Francesco Moraca | Serenella Martufi


Alex Yiu

Practical Vocation is about the transformation of space. How can a border be destroyed, played with, jumped upon - what does a border sound like? What does it hide inside? 


A body sets out to explore what lies before and after a boundary: geometry vs chaos, past vs present, inside vs outside. Meanwhile a voice speaks of how the  anatomy of the body makes us a passage for matter to move from the sky to the ground. 


Practical Vocation was developed as part of a research on the reading of contemporary migration by western audiences. The focus is on the impact of travelling bodies on physical and cultural space. Specifically we looked at how a boundary could be transformed, inhabited and appropriated to the point of being disintegrated. Is the ability of humans to create shelter and homes everywhere they go the first real act of resistance against political and economic borders?


The piece was developed as part of the project Exceptio-nal bodies, which we started developing as part of Serenella's final project for the MA The Body in Performance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. The piece was presented at The Old Laban Centre, Trinity Laban, London in July 2015 and at the Late Bloom Festival in London in August 2016. 


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