ora guarda in alto!
Francesco Moraca | Serenella Martufi

An excercise of writing each other's autobiography

the history of the building we were working in

poetical verses and literary excerpts from the books that at that time consituted our background.

ora guarda in alto! (now look up!) is a site-specific promenade piece where the biography of us tow performers was intertwined with the history and transformation undergone by the building where the piece was performed. 

The piece was commissioned by AltoFest and it was created in May-June 2011 and presented at AltoFest in July 2011

Serenella Martufi | Francesco Moraca


poems by Emily Dickinson, Mariangela Gualtieri, Dino Buzzati, et al. 


A three months research process with a public sharing every month within the outreach and participation project AltoFragile 2012 in Naples. 

A sited-formalisation of the process was presented as chimera nel panorama vesuvio during AltoFest 2012 with the participation of the vocal quartet Intendevoci


Chimera is a process-oriented investigation in the relationship between poetry and movement.


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